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A Day in the Life of a Table

A table is a central part of our everyday lives. It is a place to eat with family, play board games, and do homework assignments with your kids. It can be a place for zoom meetings and working from home or having a nice cup of tea and reading a book.

We wanted to show you how a day in our life looked like in 2020 and how our dining room table was the centre of it.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Our day started out with enjoying a cup of tea and some breakfast. Its nice to take the morning slowly and prepare for the day.

Work Time

Then on to work! Like a lot of people we spent most of our days working from our kitchen table. The Jarvis table is nice because it gives you lots of space to have all your work out in one place. 


Some may say that dinner is the primary purpose of a table. Weather its a romantic dinner for two or dinner for the family the. The Jarvis table is nice because its not to big that just having two people would be too far away but its also not too small that you couldn't have a full family meal. 

After Dinner Fun

One of my favorite things about having a table is all the games you can play with friends on the. Weather its just playing a board game with your partner, playing a game with family, or playing a big round of DND with friends.