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Are Pendant Lights Bright Enough?

Here at Loewen Design Studios we make pendant light fixtures in a variety of styles. A question we often get asked is how bright are our pendant bulbs. Will they provide enough light for my space? 

Warm 2700K Edsion Style LED Bulbs

White 4000K Edison Style LED Bulbs

All of our bulbs are 4 Watt dimmable LED bulbs. The Warm bulbs are 2700K and the White bulbs are 4000K. These bulbs are very energy efficient, making them good for the environment and good for your energy bill, even if there are many of them in a fixture.The K (kelvin) and the number associated with the bulb refers to the colour of the bulb. The closer to 0 the more yellow the bulb and closer to 6000 is the more bright white the bulb is. Our bulbs are 2700K which is a warm white colour 4000K which is a neutral white. It's all up to your preference. 

What is pendant lighting? 

Pendant lighting is a light that hangs from the ceiling (like a pendant necklace) and usually refers to one bulb

Pendant lighting can be used for task lighting, general lighting or area lighting. 

Task lighting

Task lighting refers to light that is specifically there for a task. An example of this would be lighting over a kitchen counter or a kitchen sink. Our pendant lighting can be used to add extra light that is helpful to do a task right below it. An example would be a Voyageur plank 6.

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General lighting

General lighting is lighting that lights a specific room. Our pendant lighting is appropriate general lighting for an entryway or a hallway. Smaller rooms. The nice thing about pendant lighting is that it can throw light all the way around including up to the ceiling. An example of this would be a Cape Breton plank 5

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Area lighting

Area lighting refers to lights that light up a specific area of a room. Such as over a dining table. It highlights a specific part of the room but isn’t the only source of light. An example of this would be a Yoho plank 10. 

Our pendant lights are fully customizable and the pendants can be fully adjusted for any space and height.