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Darlene's Picks

Darlene's Picks

Hey! I’m Darlene. As part of the Loewen family I’ve had a chance to see our business grow and our work family grow. Most of my time is currently focused on the marketing side, trying to understand how we can best provide information and advice as you figure out the best table for you.

I love seeing the tables come through the shop and while they are all lovely, I do, of course, have some favorites.

Turned And Tapered Legs on a Parsons style Extension Table

Pinette Center Extension Dining Table

I have a soft spot for a mid-century modern look – I like the delicate look of the legs and I like how this table doesn’t take over a room.  At the same time, it is a sturdy design and as an extendable table, it is SO practical. I think this table is just really pretty and really practical.

Murray Round Extension Dining Table

Murray Round Center Extension Dining Table

I really like round tables because they are easy to walk around as there aren’t any corners to bump into.  And I love how everyone around the table can see each other.  This makes conversation so much easier.

The extendable aspect of this table is a bonus. The leaves add to the middle of the table, making it a racetrack oval. I like being able to make the table bigger for meals when friends or family are over without needing to have a big table every day. This table is one that Ted and I are considering for our kitchen dining area.

Glenbow Racetrack Oval Dining Table

Glenbow Racetrack Dining Table with Legs

I love how elegant this table looks!  The rounded ends of the table top and the oval shape of the legs give the table a softness that I really like. At the same time, the fluted pillar legs have a presence to them. To me this just feels like the perfect table for a sophisticated dining room.


Waterton Elliptical Oval Dining Table

Waterton Elliptical Dining Table

So there's definitely a theme here - you can tell that I like rounded shapes. And this table is a good example. This one is different though as it is an elliptical oval which means that there are no straight sides. This shape feels very organic to me and I really like the look of it. It can be a little more tricky to use because the ends can become narrow. I just really love the sleek look of this table. 

Bragg Echo Extension Dining Table

This table is a departure for me but I really love the solidness of this table. This is the table I would love in a large kitchen. I can imagine having lots of friends and family chatting around it till late in the evening, sharing stories and laughing. With its pedestal base, it's easy to add another place around the table and the rustic textured finish helps to convey that imperfection is what makes life interesting. All perfect qualities for a gathering table.
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