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How Do You Name The Table Styles?

Great question. A couple of you have noticed, all our styles are named after national and provincial parks. So that’s where all the names come from, but why? And how do we pair each collection of wood tables to a name? 

First, let’s talk about trees. The most obvious reason I want to talk about trees would be because we make wood tables. They come from trees. We started out building Live Edge dining tables, which are not only made from trees but keep the natural look the tree had while it grew. We love nature, which is part of why we loved these wood tables, and part of why we named our styles after National, State, and Provincial Parks. Not to get too tree punny, but those are our roots.

Speaking of roots, our family has been loving these parks my whole life, visiting many of them and always having a good time. The nature and the peacefulness are something that’s hard to find elsewhere. These parks were a place we could come together and spend time with our friends and family. That’s what we hope our wood dining tables can be too, a place for connections.

Finally, how do we pair a new wood table style with a park name? Well it varies. I’ll be honest, sometimes it just sounds right. However, most of the time we do a little looking into it first. Where does that park get its name, what are the defining characteristics of that park? Does any of that resonate with our wood table style? If it’s a sandy park maybe we pair it with a sand colored wood table. If it’s a park known for a beautiful river, a wood table that feels like it flows may fit best. It certainly isn’t an exact science, but we usually end up with something that feels right.

Jasper Dining Table

Jasper National Park

And if you’re wondering no, we haven’t made it out to every park on the list just yet. But we’re working on it!

Interested in customizing a wood table within one of our collections? Contact us today and let’s build your wood table.