Custom Wood Table Delivery | Loewen Design Studios

Once your table is built, we need to get it to you. 

We usually do this one of two ways, either we bring it to you ourselves or we ship it with a carrier. Let’s talk about these one at a time.

First, when we can bring your custom wood table to you ourselves, we will. We’ll load it into our van and trailer along with as many other tops as we can fit and hit the road. We deliver to different parts of the US and Canada on different runs. We usually do the West Coast on a different trip than New York for example.

Generally, we have these trips planned out, so we should know not too long after we’ve got your order when we’ll be leaving here with your custom wood table. 

These runs are always full of tables the need to get dropped along the way, and we do our best to schedule everything so you’ll know when we’re coming as far in advance as possible. Once we arrive with your custom wood table, our team will help bring the table in and get it all set up!

Depending on the size of your wood table we may need a bit of help carrying it into your desired room. Then we’ll make sure the table gets all set up in your space, and hopefully grab a couple pictures of your custom table, and your pets (if it’s alright with you of course).

If we can’t bring your custom wood table to you ourselves, then we’ll need to pack it up and ship it to you. We’ve spent years learning how to do this well, and we’re very proud of what we do. Depending on where you’re located the delivery service may look different, but they’ll likely schedule a date and offer curbside delivery. In this instance, your wood table will come in 2 separate boxes, one for the top and one for the legs. The assembly is fairly straightforward but we have some videos to help you along the way!

I suppose there is always the third option that you could come pick your table up, though we don’t do that very often.