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Loewen Insider Picks: Jared's Top Table Choices and Why He Loves Them

Loewen Insider Picks: Jared's Top Table Choices and Why He Loves Them

Hi! I'm Jared and I work on the tables on the operations side, sanding, oiling, making sure they're packed nicely. Also fun fact, I know a little bit of Russian sign language!

Carson Bench 

This is the bench I imagine sitting next to any dining table, like when I picture a bench to eat at it's this bench. It has a parsons base. I think this one is especially great for how sturdy it is which is really important in a bench.
Benches are also really great seating for kids but I also can never pass up an opportunity to sit at a bench for a meal.

Pinette Coffee Table

It is a very pretty coffee table, it has really cool legs. The style of the table is really great because it's so pretty and also stable enough to use as a coffee table. I'd really love doing a puzzle on this table or something like that. Maybe putting a coffee on it.

Glenbow Round Pedestal

I love the look of the fluted pedestal base. This pick is purely because of the really cool base. It almost feels like some sort of tree canopy.

Round tables are also great, feels like the perfect table for board games, no one's too far out of reach of the middle. Round tables are great community tables.

Round Jarvis

Love me a round table. The round Jarvis has a very classic 'kitchen' style table. Growing up I had a table like this and so it just feels like a perfect early morning meal.
And again, a round table is so great for community, no one needs to feel left out. The pedestal is also great for this staying out of everyone's way.

Waterton Racetrack Double Cross

With the Waterton I feel like the base is such an eye catcher. My eyes are always drawn to that double cross base. Whenever I'm in the shop I always find I'm drawn to the racetrack tables. They're so eye catching.
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