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Jordine's Picks

Jordine's Picks

Hey, I'm Jordine! I work in a lot of different ways at the Loewen Design Studios shop but right now, I mainly focus on marketing (showing you what could be your future table) and admin (making sure we build it just as you asked). 

I've seen a lot of unique tables come through the shop. Here are some of my favourites:

Pinette Rectangular Dining Table

This is my top pick, partially because I've got some personal history here. Before I started officially working at Loewen Design Studios, we did a collaboration! Having used this table myself for planning and journaling, I really appreciate how sleek the table looks while still being super comfortable and functional. 


Glenbow Racetrack Dining Table

This is such a unique style. The racetrack top paired with the matching fluted pedestal base makes the silhouette look super clean while still being an eye-catcher. The build of the Glenbow racetrack table makes it so that you can have the look of a pedestal table while still having the stability of regular table legs.


Sable Rectangle Table with Tuttle Legs

The Tuttle legs are some of my favourites from our leg collection. The straight lines of the legs pair perfectly with the Seymour edge of the tabletop. A Sable table makes for a really sharp look, perfect for a modern home or conference room.

Sundance Bench

I love an afternoon on the patio during the warmer seasons, and the Sundance bench creates a perfect spot to enjoy the weather. Not only is the build itself extremely stable, but the wood is treated so that your bench stays beautiful for years to come.

Sable Bench with Atlin Legs

With my last pick, you can see once again how much I love clean lines and angles. I think this is a great option for a modern / minimalist space.
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