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Josh's Picks

Josh's Picks

Hey, I'm Josh! I'm a co-owner of Loewen Design Studios. I dabble in most parts of our little business, but I suppose I mostly work on our website and marketing.

I get to see so many tables, but I certainly have a few favorites. Here are some of my picks!

A Wood Parsons Table

Carson Parsons Dining Table

This is the table that I grew up with. Well, the table design anyway. It's such a classic table design and it's so sturdy. If you want a table to dance on, this is the best bet. It's so easy to use you can sit anywhere around the table without the legs getting in the way. I really really love this table.

An End Extension table with Exposed Parsons Legs

Beaumont End Extension Table

This table is also a parsons style table with the legs right in the corners. This makes it so easy to sit at anywhere at the table. The Beaumont style tables have the posts come through the table top, which is a beautiful finishing touch to the table. The end extensions not only add space to your table when you need it but a unique breadboard to the table. This is both a very pretty and very useful addition to the table.

A Wood Extension table with Chevron legs

Murray End Extension Dining Table

An end extension dining table is a wonderful, solid, single table when it is not extended. It also offers the flexibility to be a larger table when you have people over. It also has a breadboard when it's extended so it has a bit of a different look, which I think it really pretty. You basically get 2 full dining tables in one dining table. And the Murray with the Caldwell legs is just so pretty. It's a great table.

A Square Table with a Fluted Pedestal Base

Glenbow Square Dining Table

The fluted base is a really pretty base. It's a slightly different style from a lot of the other tables we build. The base made from many smaller pieces of wood shows off the grain of the wood beautifully. The base is also built to match the square, which is a wonderful pair. A square table is also terrific, it lets everyone see each other well, and gives a lot of space on the table for whatever you need.

Waterton Center Extension with a Split Pedestal Base

This table is a center extension table, meaning it splits in the middle to allow for some extra leaves for the table to get longer. When this specific design opens, the base also opens with it, transforming from a pedestal into 2 distinct legs. The extension table gives a lot of options on the size of table you need to fir your certain circumstances. 
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