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A Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

Live Edge Dining Tables In Stock

We keep a few live edge walnut dining table tops in stock all the time. We have them in a few different standard sizes, or close to standard sizes.

But why? Or perhaps, why not keep everything in stock?

We like to build your table EXACTLY the way you need it. We'd rather not guess, so we don't like to build tables until we know exactly how you'd like yours.
Live Edge Walnut Bookmatch Dining Table

So why keep some live edge walnut tables in stock?

Many of the tables we build we have full control over how they turn out. We can make every detail exactly the way you need it. Live Edge tables are incredibly unique, as unique as the tree they came from. This means that even if we have your exact dimensions, the table won't look exactly like the picture of the last one we made. The new tree will have a new edge. So if we can show you the exact table we'll send you, then you can see exactly what you'll get. You can see the exact edge you'll have in your home.
We do this especially for book matched live edge dining tables. These tables need wider planks, which means more room for character. Or imperfections, depending how you look at it. These are usually filled with an epoxy. This makes each one even more unique, so we would love to make sure you get something exactly the way you want.
Live Edge Walnut Dining Table with a distinct Live Edge

Would you ever want a Live Edge Table made to order?

Yes! There are a couple reasons you may want this. The tables we have in stock may not be quite what you're looking for. If the photos we have of past tables are looking right, but the tops we have aren't quite what you're looking for. Then we can probably make one that is! Just let us know what it is you want. They may also not be the right size, we can do bigger, smaller, any size you need. So if it's not there, let us know and we can make it for you! Third, you may want to do something special. Let's say you want a book match table, and you want one with a lot of cracks filled with epoxy, and you're hoping the epoxy can be blue. We can do that for you, but we probably don't have it waiting around. If you've got an idea for something special reach out to us and let's see what we can do!
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