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Loewen Insider Picks: Holly's Top Table Choices and Why She Loves Them

Loewen Insider Picks: Holly's Top Table Choices and Why She Loves Them

At Loewen Design Studios we believe in making really great tables. We build every table to order just so we can make your just right for you. We want it to be your exact style. This means we get to build a lot of different tables, and while we don’t build anything we don’t think will be great, we each have our own favorites. So we made a section on our website for ‘Our Picks’ which includes all of our picks, but we each also have our own individual picks. We wanted to take a bit of time to let everyone tell you about their picks, and these are Holly’s favorite tables.

But wait, who’s Holly? Holly was the first non Loewen to join the Loewen Design Team, she’s spent time helping out with just about anything you can imagine, (she built lights for like 3 years) but now she does mostly marketing. She’s also a wonderful aunt, quilter, and lover of dogs. 

Here are her picks and what she loves about them.

This Glenbow extension table is one of my favorites. I love oak as a wood and think it suits the table really well. It looks right out of a dream, pinterest board. The split pedestal is super cool because it allows you to go from a round table to a racetrack table.

This is one of my favorite tables. I love the elegance of the fluted legs. This would especially be nice in an open concept room. I could see myself playing many board games on this table.

I like this table because of the unique legs. One of my favorite customer pictures we have ever received was with these legs. Compliments a simple walnut table like this well. The Zionz legs go with lots of different table tops as well.

I love this table especially in oak. It’s perfect for small spaces and it has a nice bulky look to it. I like that the table top and the legs are the same thickness. This would be great in a foyer or for a kitchen table.

I like this table not only for the fabulous name but because it comes apart into two separate game tables. We are big board game people here and this is perfect for catan. The ping pong part is nice too I guess.

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