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Employee Spotlight

Meet the Sharon

Sharon takes a keen interest in each of our customers and loves coming up with solutions that fit with what we’re able to do and what the customer wants. Sharon handles what could be a stressful job with a great deal of grace.

Can you describe your role at Loewen Design Studios?

I work in customer service and sales with Ted. I try and answer everyones questions, and schedule their delivery appointments.

Whats a day in your life like?

I start at 10am, generally checking all the messages in our Etsy shop, confirming purchases. Then I switch over to the email messages, and confirm purchased on our website. Later in the day I will follow up with customers that are engaged in recent conversation to see if there are any further questions. I also make the delivery schedules and trip guide, and marking all the tables shipped once a trip has left the shop. I finish at the shop at 4pm, but return online in the evening for a few hours.

Before working here, what's the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?

I’ve had so many different jobs, mostly in customer service type fields. I did teach a dance/ fitness program just before having my children and while they were still all little. It was great fun!

If you could switch jobs with someone at Loewen Design Studios who would you switch with?

I would enjoy working on finishing the table tops with Jared, Tristan and Majo. Physical labor can be very satisfying.

So could you describe Loewen Design Studios in three words?

Simply Beautiful Craftsmanship

Whats something people would be surprised to hear about you?

I have 4 adult children..3 still live at home.

What did you want to be when growing up?

I’m still trying to I grown up? A guess I was working towards being a primary teacher, but that didn’t quite happen.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy a well written book..don’t want to learn anything, just enjoy a good story.

What would people never guess you do in your role?

When a delivery trip is organized and appointments are made, I create a trip guide for our delivery team documenting the customer’s details, drive time time needed along the delivery route. This can be up to 35 drops on trip to the west coast.

What is your favorite table?

I have a couple of favourites..the walnut live edge can be super interesting, but I also like the soft lines of the Pinette.

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