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Employee Spotlight

Meet the Tristan

Tristan is a table finisher and delivery driver. He finishes and sends off tables daily. He also drives all around the country side dropping off tables and picking up supplies as needed.

What's your role here at Loewen Design Studios

 I am essentially the one who preps all the tables including sanding, epoxy if needed, finishing and oiling and getting ready for deliveries. I also do some of the deliveries and parts runs.

Do have a job title?

I don't, I call myself the table wrangler/driver.

 It's a good job title. 

Thank you.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

Yeah, I wanted to be a dad. And yeah I realized now though that it's not a paying job so I'm gonna put that on hold for a little bit. 

Tristan and his siblings

So what do you like most about your job? 

Mostly it's all the hands-on work. I enjoy that type of stuff working with my hands. It's what I've been doing most of my life. So it kind of just makes sense and it just feels natural.

What was like the most unusual or interesting job you ever had. 

So probably when I did residential house painting for six years, that's where I did a lot of my work with my hands. I did that for about six years. It was nice. It was fun. I still do it on the side. 

So what was the weirdest house you ever painted?

 Oh, we once painted this dark burgundy house, the entirety of the outside was dark burgundy. Then we painted it banana yellow. 

So what do you like to do in your spare time? 

Either I'm very social or I'm not social at all. So I play a lot of games with some friends, D&D with Jared and other friends.

I play guitar. I'm taking singing lessons and stuff. So, I'm practicing that and every once in while just watch shows and movies. 

Tristan in the play Baby Factor playing Dr. Salad. 

What's it like working here at Loewen Design Studios. 

It's pretty chill here. You kind of already feel like part of the family you know. It's very welcoming here and there's always work to do.

Yes, it's always good to keep busy. It's never slow. Even in the slow season, it doesn't feel slow. It's such a nice environment. It's not perfect, but we allow ourselves to kind of grow together. It's just nice. Yeah, especially because the business is, you know, growing and changing but we're also part of that.

So it's nice to be able to give something to it to help grow and change. 

If you could switch your job with anyone else here at Loewen Designs who's job would you want? I think Jared doesn't count. 

No, I would not want his job. I think I would want the CEOs job. I know I've heard. He's a good boy. He gets free massages. He gets treats. That is like the best job ever. You cannot ignore him. 

Everyone has picked Norm. You have to pick someone else. 

That's not fair. I would pick Holly’s job. So I get to tell the boys to make lights for me and then Photoshop tables. (Holly is interviewing him)

Describe Loewen Design Studios in three words, 

Impossible. Yeah, it's hard to describe. There's so many different sides of Loewen Design Studios. There's the business side which you could say quality affordable tables or affordable quality tables, in that order.

That's one thing you describe but doesn't describe like the people in the business. So three words, it's a tough one. That's a doozy. I would say if I could add a few more words than three, if I could break the rules, which I love doing I'd probably say making meaningful connections one table at a time. 

It's a good tagline. 

You're welcome they can have that 

 What's the first table you worked on?

Yeah, I don't, I don't remember I'll be honest but a table that I really like to work with but have a love hate relationship with is bookmatches. Yeah. So they're heavy, they're powerful, they are beautiful and Absolutely gorgeous. I think my favorite thing about them is that most of them have epoxy in them.

The epoxy filled all the gaps that most people wouldn’t like. They were unwanted. They weren't perfect. But then someone was like, oh, like let me just fill it with epoxy. And then, it becomes an amazing, gorgeous thing. Not like hiding the imperfections, but like, kind of highlighting it. That was pretty neat. And bookmatches, it's like a mirrored image and it just, it just looks nice. 

Bookmatch Walnut Table