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Our Tables With Steel Legs: Styles & Options You Can Choose

At Loewen Design Studios, we are proud to offer many different designs of tables with steel legs. We have over 10 standard designs that we love and are always coming up with new ones to weld up.

Many of the designs we offer are 2 separate legs which each attach to the table. These offer a lot of space along the side between the legs for chairs to comfortably sit. They also come in from the end to leave a space for a chair to tuck in, the distance from the end depends on the size of the wood table you’re getting.

There are a couple different types of these tables with steel legs, some, like our Atlin or Quarry Legs offer space for someone’s legs to go through from the end,



 others like our Zionz or Dixon Legs don’t allow this, but may allow a chair to push in further at the leg from the side of your wood table.



These tables with steel legs also come in many different styles, so there’s certain to be one that’s right for you!

We also have some steel pedestals, which offer support from the center of the table. These interact with chairs in various ways depending on the specific base. Some, like the Bidwell, have a central post with a base on the floor which may only affect the chairs on the floor. Others like the Sproat will have fewer points on the floor but have some points along the way that will affect where the chairs can be.



Finally we have our Picard, a parsons style base in steel, a classic wood table base with the legs all out to the corners of the table. We also have our Primrose, with corner posts that are the same as the Picard, but without the skirt around. This allows for plenty of space for chairs to tuck in where you want them to.



All of our tables with steel legs are available in 8 wonderful powder coats colors. All of them are wonderfully resilient, and they all compliment the wood table tops well in a variety of different ways.

If you have more questions about our tables with steel legs, or want to start creating your own custom table, send us a message!