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Stories from the Road

This delivery made our day!!!!! The customers live on a huge horse farm. We were met by 5 dogs (3 were Great Danes), 5 horses, 1 of the horses is Secratariat’s grand daughter. Also two barn cats a house cat and puppy. Wow. Now that’s a farm.

The customer has been looking for a book match black walnut table for a while. He found one in San Diego but it would have cost him the farm. 😂 lol. So he started looking online and kept coming back to Loewen Design Studios. When we did the ‘Flip the Table Over ‘ Dan said. “it’s better than I expected it would be and I expected a lot”

They are beyond happy and we now have pics of the dog Sabby who is bigger than the table. Lol. I could have rode him.  

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