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Stories from the Road

We are alive and well!!!!! 😁🚚😁Whew!!!! Just missed us!

Being on the road as much as we have been, Driving and delivering for Loewen Design Studio we have covered 48 states in one year. Travelled approximately 160,000 km. We have almost always missed bad weather. Yes we have hit snow, rain and some hail… but today was the closest we have been to a tornado… We had the alert on our truck radio, then we immediately started googling our weather app..

Yikes….. we were heading into the path of a tornado, even now as I type this we are in a really bad thunder storm. In contacting our office they advised us, just like the warning to take cover and find shelter. Brian the whole time was search for an under pass, we were watching the skies the whole time… of course when you want an under pass there is none…

Ok well we now were 15 minutes from our customers, we made the decision to race there and take cover in their home. So we did, the skies turned so ugly, the rain so hard and the winds picked up…. The tornado passed through the sister township….

 Awwwwwwww lucky….What we won’t do to deliver a table….So very funny actually now that it is over, I can breath again… 

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