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Teds Picks

Teds Picks

Hey, I'm Ted! I'm a co-owner of Loewen Design Studios. I work in product development, admin, and customer service mostly but you can also see me in the shop from time to time or personally delivering your table.

I've seen a lot of unique tables come through the shop. Here are some of my favourites:

Sundance Square Dining Table

 I like this table because its the table I personally have in my backyard! It really stands up to Canadian winters and looks good while doing it! Also square tables are a lot like round table in they really allow you to look at everyone around the table equally. 


Murray Racetrack Centre Extension Dining Table

The end of this table allows for multiple people to sit at the end of the table for a nice flow of conversation. The Chesbro legs also match the curve of the end of the table very nicely. It's a nice twist of a tried and true classic.  

Glenbow Oval Extendable Dining Table Legs

The fluted base shows off the various colors that natural wood has to offer, I especially like this in the walnut which has by far the most different coloring of any wood we use. I also like the 2 legs as it offers a lot of room for legs and chairs in the middle. Again, I like that the racetrack lets 2 people sit at the end without it needing to be a very wide table. And with this one the legs are also a racetrack shape which mirrors the table top well.

Jasper Live Edge Kitchen Table on Steel Quarry

This table is back to basics. The walnut table tops are beautiful, the live edge is beautiful. The bookmatch version of these tables are especially magnificent with the mirroring across the middle. The quarry legs are nice and clean, they're very solid, while still letting the table top do the talking.

Bragg Rustic Extension Table

I love that these tables look like they've had a life right from the beginning. The character from the sanding and the saw blades are celebrated with the rustic maples. It's a hard maple so it can take a lot and stand up to it, and the texturing on the table will also mean that a few dings will just fit in, so no need to be too careful around it. The Huron legs with the turnbuckle are a nice nod to an industrial style which looks great. The extension on these tables is great with the breadboard already built into the table. The extension fits right in as another breadboard, fitting into the style wonderfully.
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