Why We Build Multi-Plank Table Tops

There are a number of significant benefits of a table top constructed of multiple planks.  This is why we choose this type of table top for our own home.

At Loewen Design Studios, most of our table tops are constructed using multiple planks that are typically about 6” wide.  For example, on a 36" wide table we would normally use 5 to 7 planks, depending on how many imperfections we need to cut out of the 8' planks in order to end up with a clean top. As we select the planks, we make every effort to ensure that the colors and grain in the planks flow well together.  We then glue up a long panel, and plane and sand it. The seams will be visible but the top is smooth and works well together.  If you look browse our Etsy shop or our website you’ll see lots of examples of the finished product.

So why do we use multiple narrower planks instead of one single slab? 

* more environmentally friendly - it's a very small percentage of a tree that is wide enough to use as a single slab (not a lot of 36" pieces) so rather than having to throw all of that wood out, we can use it.  Plus we don't have to discard a big section because of one knot or other imperfection.  We can simply cut that out and use the rest.  Part of respecting the trees that are our raw material is the commitment to use as much of it as possible.

* stronger - even kiln-dried wood will have a tendency to warp and twist over time.  By alternating the orientation of the wood with each plank we maximize the resistance to warping because neighbouring planks will want to pull in opposite directions.  (as an added bonus, we also router out a groove under the table and install an angle iron to give the table additional support.)

* less expensive - because the raw materials for multi plank tables are more readily available, we are able to produce a high quality table at a price that is a fraction of the same size table as a single slab.  And we want to provide you with the best value for your hard earned money.  

We invite you to browse our table gallery to see some of the tables we've built for other customers.  And if you have any questions or are ready to have us build one for you, contact us to let us know what you're looking for.