The Biscayne


walnut parsons table is a comfortable timeless table

this is the style table that we've had in the Loewen family home for years.
it's so easy to use, so easy to add chairs, and so full of memories.

it comes in a variety of styles, a variety of functions.


square walnut parson table
rectangle walnut parson table



walnut extendable parson table

We believe it's all about the details. So we made sure to get them right.

the skirt.

a bit of walnut running around the entire table not only make the table appear thicker, but also helps it keep steady over time. it's also made from the same solid hardwood as the rest of the table.

the posts.

a parsons style base is famous for the skirt and the corner posts. these posts are 3.5 inches and can take however much weight you can throw at them. they stay out of the way of all your chairs and just like everything else, they're solid walnut.

the walnut.

so what is that walnut everything's made from? we use only solid hardwoods, but walnut offers the most wonderful collection of natural colors, reds browns and oranges, and with a hand rubbed oil finish the wood is as robust as it is pretty.

the flexibility.

all your needs will fit into this table. the legs are tucked right into the corners so they'll never be in your way. add chairs, remove chairs, this table will always be ready. and with such a timeless design it will always be ready for whatever you get up to.

the adjustable feet.

all our wood legs have adjustable feet underneath to allow you to level your table on any floor. this mean that this table will sit level on your floor. this also means that it will still sit level on your floor after you move. its future proof.

the Family.

this one's a little special, this is our family's table. we're very familiar with the stories that come alive around a kitchen table. we still have the same one as 20 years ago, and may never change it. the stories around that table, the family that've sat around that table. irreplaceable. 


-Denise in Maryland

Beautiful table and bench, we couldn't be happier!

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We're Loewen Design Studios

We build every walnut parson table to order, designed and built with you in mind. 
We're happy to work within whatever specifications you need. We can customize just about everything. If you have some special requests, or an idea you want built, you've come to the right place.
We build them from solid wood, so they're built to last. It's worth getting it right.

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Walnut Parson Table and Bench Set - Loewen Design Studios

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