Cape Breton
Plank Lights

with many sizes and shapes you're sure to find what you're looking for

6 Pendant Modern Dining Light

circles and rectangles

Round 5 Pendant Kitchen Dining Light
Modern Kitchen Island Pendant Light

4 pendants to 10

or more if you need!

Modern elegant dining room lighting

We believe it's all about the details. So we made sure to get them right.

the ash.

we build these lights with solid ash planks on top, they have a wonderful grain that shines especially after the oil is applied

the black finish.

to match our tables we finish our lights with an all natural hand rubbed oil finish. these lights get a black oil, for a dark finish with prominent grain

the sockets.

the sockets are the defining characteristic of the Cape Breton. the copper color tall cylinders make this a beautiful attention grabbing light.

the bulbs.

we wanted the best bulbs for our lights. cool dimmable LED bulbs at only 4 watts are highly efficient and yet offer lovely light to your space.

the skirt.

a light frame to the light touches your ceiling, providing a fuller look.
*this is not available on the round lights.*

the elegance.

the cool tones with the copper accents come together to create an elegant modern aesthetic sure to impress

Couldn't Be Happier!

-Jeanette in Alberta

I purchased this light for our dining room and couldn’t be happier!! The company was so willing to work with me on some custom alterations and the light turned out better than I could have imagined! I highly recommend this company. Superb workmanship and customer service! Thank you so much!

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customer photo of a Cape Breton light fixture in their home

We're Loewen Design Studios

We build every light fixture to order, designed and built with you in mind. 
We're happy to work within whatever specifications you need. We can customize just about everything. If you have some special requests, or an idea you want built, you've come to the right place.