Our Custom Wood Dining Tables

Everyone's gotta eat!

Dining tables and kitchen tables are some of the most important tables in our homes. As a place to eat and a place to gather they have become an important part of everyday life. Tables for eating have been a part of life since the ancient Romans started doing it, and they’ve stuck around until now because, well, they just make sense.

We make them in all shapes and sizes, some can even change their size.

If you don't find what you need, send us a message and we can make something perfect for you!

When it comes to custom wood dining tables, we have you covered. We have a variety of options from live edge dining tables, to milled edged tables. Whether you need a large wood kitchen table or a smaller one, we can customize the size and style to fit your needs.

Looking for a rectangle wood dining table? Or maybe you’re in need of an oval wood dining table. Either way, our team will make sure that you get the perfect table based on your specifications. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team today and begin creating your custom wood dining table.