a Bright Scandinavian Style Table

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Welcome to the Sable.
Natural Rock Maple with Satin White Tuttle Legs.

The Maple

This dining table is 8/4 Rock Maple. This means its thick, solid and very hard wood. Rock Maple is the hardest wood we work with, it’s very resilient to whatever you throw at it. We love the Rock Maple for this reason, it’s very good for dining tables that you use very often and tables that will take a beating. The thickness of this wood table is also wonderfully situated for a solid table like this. It feels as solid as it is, and it’s heavy, so you know this dining table will stay in place.

a two part walnut ping pong table that's ready for play
a Live Edge Walnut Coffee table and End Tables set

The natural finish on the Rock Maple has a wonderful sandy color, a very light color, with subtle gold tones. The color of this wood pairs so well with the satin white on the steel. The finish is Rubio Monocoat, a wonderful oil finish developed for floors, making it very durable, but food safe so it’s wonderful for wood dining tables. It’s also all natural and very easy to use making it perfect for the long term maintenance of your maple dining table.

The Legs

Our Tuttle steel dining table legs are some of our most useful, keeping a very solid base while keeping the floor very clear for chairs and legs to fit into most spaces. These legs are a shape that’s terrifically useful and fit the minimalist Scandinavian styling of the Sable with their tight presence in the middle of the table.

a two part walnut ping pong table that's ready for play
a Live Edge Walnut Coffee table and End Tables set

The satin white is one of the 8 powder coats we offer. It keeps everything bright, but it is a satin finish so it doesn’t reflect light in the way a mirror would. It is also a powder coat so it’s a strong finish that will last as long as your maple dining table will.

Sable is our Scandinavian minimalist style of dining tables, ready for whatever you may have to throw their way.

The Sable style is a style we’ve been excited about since we made our first one years ago.
The Sable is a Maple Dining Table that is very bright table with a minimalist style that can fit into many different rooms and settings. It could be a Coffee Table, Dining Table, End Table, Bench, Console Table or Conference Room Table

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We specialize in helping you bring your custom table to life. Through the Sable collection you can customize your dining table and accessory tables to fit with exactly what you need. Reach out to us today to get the process started. 

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The Sable is also a wonderful option for a conference table, holding up well to regular meetings. If you would like to add a power grommet to your custom table, reach out to us, we’re happy to help figure that out for you!




Others seem to love it too, as it has received a compliment from everyone who has encountered it thus far. The table is beautiful and the quality is fantastic. I was able to select between two table tops. Sharon kindly provided me quotes for a couple of other pieces, too. I ended up also purchasing a matching dining bench, which is also great. Lynn and Brian delivered and assembled the table and bench; they were a pleasure to speak to and delivered the items with care. I would absolutely purchase another table from Loewen, and will happily recommend them to everyone and anyone who is considering purchasing a new dining table.

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We build every Sable table to order, designed and built with you in mind. 
We're happy to work within whatever specifications you need. We can customize just about everything. If you have some special requests, or an idea you want built, you've come to the right place.
We build them from solid wood, so they're built to last. It's worth getting it right.

Sable Rock Maple Table

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Sable Conference Room Table

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