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Straight Edge Walnut Tables

A straight edge walnut table is a beautiful classic table.  The traditional straight edges give the table a tailored aesthetic that highlights the natural coloring of the walnut.

All of our walnut tables are made of multiple planks.  To learn more about what that means, check out our blog post:

We typically finish the walnut with an all-natural oil and that we hand-rub into the wood.  It seals the wood with a durable finish that will stand up to daily wear and tear.  

The majority of the straight edge walnut tables you see here are made from planks that are 6/4 thick.  They can also be made with planks that are 8/4 thick which gives them a bit more of a robust look which looks particularly great on larger tables.  

We recommend that you browse through the images of walnut tables shown here understanding that the prices reflect the size, the leg style and the thickness of the wood.  Once you find something that close what you're looking for, message us using the contact us button and we'll work up a quote for you.