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The Apodaca

The Apodaca

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live edge ash bookmatch table on wood legs finished in black
live edge ash bookmatch table on wood legs finished in black

Live Edge Ash Bookmatch Table

$3,180.00 USD

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The Apodaca


A Modern Live Edge Dining Table

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The Apodaca Collection consists of tables made from Ash wood, a hardwood known for its wonderful grain.

an ash dining table with a black finish
the live edge of a black ash table showing the grain

This is shown off beautifully with the black finish, creating a wood table with clear beautiful grain lines that are all black.

The Apodaca is also a collection of bookmatch tables, meaning these wonderful grain lines are mirrored across the Ash table, creating an even more wonderful image.

a bookmatch ash dining table showing the mirrored grain
A Black wood dining table with black ash X Shaped legs

This Ash table top paired with our Oxford legs finished to match creates a striking black live edge dining table. The legs are in an X shape leaving easy room for tucking in chairs over the legs and showing off the finish of the wood nearly as wonderfully as the Ash table top.

The live edge on the table is finished black to match the rest of the Ash table top but will show off the beauty of the bookmatch mirror image, as the two sides will have nearly identical live edges.

a two part walnut ping pong table that's ready for play
a two part walnut ping pong table that's ready for play

This ensures the Ash table is not only pleasant to sit at, but also showcases the natural wonders of the wood.

The Apodaca Collection is designed to suit you for a long time,

The Apodaca Collection is a strikingly beautiful ash dining table. It's build from solid hardwood to combine the wonder of the natural wood and the longevity of a solid, well crafted piece of furniture. 

Looking to customize your Apodaca table?

Whether you’re looking for a different size, color, or shape for your custom wood table, we’re happy to talk to you about it. 

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Others seem to love it too, as it has received a compliment from everyone who has encountered it thus far. The table is beautiful and the quality is fantastic. I was able to select between two table tops. Sharon kindly provided me quotes for a couple of other pieces, too. I ended up also purchasing a matching dining bench, which is also great. Lynn and Brian delivered and assembled the table and bench; they were a pleasure to speak to and delivered the items with care. I would absolutely purchase another table from Loewen, and will happily recommend them to everyone and anyone who is considering purchasing a new dining table.

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We're Loewen Design Studios

We build every Apodaca table to order, designed and built with you in mind. 
We're happy to work within whatever specifications you need. We can customize just about everything. If you have some special requests, or an idea you want built, you've come to the right place.
We build them from solid wood, so they're built to last. It's worth getting it right.

Live Edge Ash Bookmatch Table

$3,180.00 USD
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