Voyageur Beam Lights

with many options you're sure to find what you're looking for

a farmhouse style beam light with 10 pendants

for flat or vaulted ceilings

a farmhouse style beam light for a cathedral ceiling with 6 pendant
a farmhouse style beam light with 6 pendant

6 pendants to 12

or more if you need!

a farmhouse style beam light with 12 pendant

We believe it's all about the details. So we made sure to get them right.

the mill sawn maple.

we build these lights with solid maple boards on top, and leave the texture that comes from the rough cuts on the wood. this gives it a more interesting look and feel.

the chocolate finish.

to match our tables we finish our lights with an all natural hand rubbed oil finish. these lights get a chocolate color, for a brown finish

the cages.

black birdcage style cages serve to protect the bulbs while also adding a very interesting decoration to the light, completing the look of the Voyageur lights.

the bulbs.

we wanted the best bulbs for our lights. warm dimmable LED bulbs at only 4 watts are highly efficient and yet offer lovely light to your space.

the beam.

the beam is hollow on the inside to allow the wiring to all hide inside the beam and keep the weight of a beam low so it can hang from the electrical box

the warmth.

with a warm light and warm tones in the light these lights create a wonderful ambiance in any room you add them to. 


-Michelle in Nevada

Best customer service. They helped me with measurements and always replied to my msgs.

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customer photo of a farmhouse style light fixture in their home

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