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Your new table is made of solid wood - whether that is walnut, ash or maple.  In our shop, we use products from Rubio Monocoat to finish your table.  This is an all-natural oil product that was originally developed for floors so it creates a durable finish.  What is unique about the Rubio product is that it adheres to the individual fibres and cures over time to a hardened finish.  It is not a lacquer that sits on top of the wood.

Most daily spills can be taken care of with a warm damp cloth.  You may want to have on hand a spray cleaner called Rubio Surface Cleaner for harder to remove spills.  This can be found on Amazon or from other retailers through a google search.

For periodic maintenance, and if the surface looks a little dry, Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil does a great job.  It's compatible with the surface finish already on the table and will nicely address any 'dry' spots that might develop as the table continues to cure and as temperature and humidity change.  This product is similarly available available at Amazon or at other retailers.

Should something more major happen and you need to refinish the table  remember that it is solid wood so a local finisher should be able to sand the table down and re-oil it.