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Lights for Around the Horn Brewing Company - Loewen Design Studios

Lights for Around the Horn Brewing Company

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5 wall sconces at 12 x 24 with the power supply junction box being from 12" to 16" from the top.  Black cord, black aluminum sockets, black cages.  No stain or lacquer.   $108 each - $540 subtotal
15 pendants with cages.  30" length black cord, black sockets, black cages with strain relief and cup.  Copper jumpers are usually included for residential customers who don't have access to an electrician.  Assuming your electrician is going to adjust length, strip the cord and use marretts to attach to power supply, the jumpers are redundant.  $38 each - $570 subtotal

2 wagon wheel 6 pendant - 30" wheels.  28" from ceiling to bottom of bulbs.  Black cords, black aluminum sockets, no cages.  All the same length.  Wheel stained brown.  $286 each - $572 subtotal

32 B1 LED Soft Filament Bulbs.  $7 each - $224 subtotal
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