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Carlsbad Table with a Walnut Base

With this custom walnut ping pong table, you'll be set to host games night!  The ping pong table is made of walnut with a contrasting maple stripe down the middle.  It is also 2 pieces which you can use together as a ping pong table or separately for table games. 

This ping pong table is a parsons style table.  The base has an inset skirt with corner post legs.  It's a classic design that provides a strong sturdy base for the table.

It is available full size, 60" by 108" or reduced size (80%), 48" by 86".

 Choose one of our standard sizes listed or customize the table.  Either way, your table will be custom built for you.  If there are any details you wish to confirm or change, reach out to us in the chat or through a contact form and we’ll be sure to get it perfect. We look forward to working with you.

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WOOD: Walnut

FINISH: Natural

SHAPE: Rectangle

EDGE: Square Edge


Corner: Square

BASE: Wood Parsons

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