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Red Maple 4 Pendant Chandelier - Loewen Design Studios
Red Maple 4 Pendant Chandelier - Loewen Design Studios
Red Maple 4 Pendant Chandelier - Loewen Design Studios
Red Maple 4 Pendant Chandelier - Loewen Design Studios

Red Maple 4 Pendant Chandelier

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The dark red tones of the wood in this lighting fixture add depth and interest to it, giving it a classic yet modern feel.  It well over a kitchen island or small dining area.

  • 30" board stained dark red
  • black cord
  • black aluminum sockets
  • even length cords range from 12" to bottom of sockets

Customize this fixture to suit your space by changing the color of the stain, the cord length or color, the bulbs or by adding cages or shades.

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Red Maple 4 Pendant Chandelier - Loewen Design Studios

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If you want to make any changes, or if you want something entirely custom, send us a message and we'll be happy to work with you!

wood finishes

Wood Finishes

Our 6 stain colours can be applied to either clean cut maple for a modern look, or mill sawn maple for a more rustic look.

Edison Style Bulbs

We are proud to feature Edison style LED bulbs. The bulbs we have chosen to offer have an exposed filament that simulates the look of an Edison bulb while offering the energy efficiency of LED lighting. In addition these bulbs are dimmable. We offer them as an option in a gold tone and in a white tone.

socket options

Lamp Holder Choices

We have several sockets, or lamp holders, available and each one changes the look of the light fixture. If want a different than pictured just send us a message.

light cages options

Light Cages

Cages serve to protect the bulbs and to add a decorative element to a light fixture.  Our cages come in black, silver and white. They need to be paired with aluminum sockets.

Cord Colours

While many pendant lights feature black cords, changing that up can be a great way to personalize a light fixture. Message us if you would like a different cord than pictured.

cord colours
how low should my light fixture hang?

Fixture Height

Pendant heights can be set to whatever length you would like, keeping in mind standard recommended heights for specific settings.

Custom Lighting

We would be happy to build the perfect light fixture for your space whether that is a modification of one of our lights or something completely new. Send us message with what you're dreaming of.

custom light fixtures

Love this light. It was shipped on time and with great attention to detail on the packaging so it arrived safely. I would recommend Lowen Design Studios when looking for your next light fixture!

− Caroline

A lovely experience and a beautifully crafted final piece! Josh answered all of my questions and worked with me in detail to create custom lighting for my home. They arrived in a perfectly packed box so everything arrived safely. I highly recommend was a great experience from start to finish and I am absolutely thrilled with the final lights. Thank you Josh!!!

− Kirstie

I love this light fixture! It was so nice to customize an item for my home and the great craftsmanship of a hand made makes it even cooler. I really appreciate the excellent customer service with a personal touch.

− Jered

The best Christmas present I have purchased for myself and my home !! Thank you for this beautiful piece! I love it so much

− Carieanne

I am so pleased with our Wagon Wheel light. It is a beautiful piece that arrived in perfect condition. It looks amazing in our room and is perfect to be the first thing you see walking into our home. Great job!!!!

− Kim

Fast response, fast delivery, and fantastic piece of artwork! Very highly recommended.

− Brad