This lighting fixture is part of a collection that we call Retro. The wood is ash that is finished in coconut oil and the pendants feature silver cords and bronze aluminum sockets. Where appropriate, black shades are included. While this particular lighting fixture is a beam light, you can also find plank and cluster lights in the same collection.

The wood in this lighting fixture is Ash which has a strong natural grain, similar to oak We then finish the ash with an all-natural oil stain that gives the wood color while still allowing the grain and to come through. The beam itself is a hollow beam which reduces the weight of the fixture hanging on your ceiling and gives us a place to tuck away the electrical components.
The beam light you see here is offered with differing number of pendants. In general all our beams are the same length, with 6-12 pendants. If you require a different size of beam, contact us!

Our beam lights can be designed to connect directly to your electrical box or to hang independently. More details on these options can be found below. All electrical parts in this fixture are UL rated; we do still recommend that an electrician install your fixture.
We build every light to order so while we have focused on combinations that we know work well together, we are able to customize your lighting fixture to your needs. Whether that be changing the color of the cord or imagining something quite different, let us know what you have in mind.


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At Loewen Design Studios we've decided to switch to only LED bulbs
All of our bulbs are 4 Watt dimmable LED bulbs.
The Warm bulbs are 2700K and the White bulbs are 4000K
These bulbs are very energy efficient, making them good for the environment and good for your energy bill, even if there are many of them in a fixture.

The most important factor in pendant length is the space between the lowest pendant and the surface below it.

The Beam Lights hang a standard of 12 inches from the ceiling. The cords wrap around the beam and drop 6-20 inches from there. As the wrapping can be done in a variety of ways those measurements are approximate. 
While some of these measurements can be shortened, it is not recommended to put a beam over a counter unless you have high ceilings 9 feet or more.
This height is however ideal for a dining table with any height ceiling as the chain can be lengthened for ceilings over 8 feet.

Over a counter there should be 36" or 3 feet of air space between the counter and the light. This is generally 6 feet off the ground. On a 9 foot ceiling that is 3 feet from the ceiling, which is the shortest length we recommend on a beam light.

Over a table there should be 30" or 2 and a half feet of air space between the table and the light. This is generally 5 feet off the ground. On a standard 8 foot ceiling that is 3 feet from the ceiling as shown in this example.

A pendant light over a walk way is also possible, it would be advised to keep it 70" or 6 foot 8 inches off the floor, the height of a standard door. We generally don't advise this on 8 foot ceilings, but if you have a higher ceiling or really want to figure it out feel free to send us an email to

Beam lights are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, our standard sizes are shown here!

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Product imageProduct image
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If none of these feel like they're the right size for you, please contact us here! or send us an email directly to

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RETRO BEAM LIGHTS - Loewen Design Studios
RETRO BEAM LIGHTS - Loewen Design Studios
RETRO BEAM LIGHTS - Loewen Design Studios
RETRO BEAM LIGHTS - Loewen Design Studios


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