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How We Made Our Wood Quiz

How We Made Our Wood Quiz

For any of you who haven't come across it yet, we made a fun quiz to tell you what type of wood and finish would be best for you. And, not to brag, but it's basically perfect. We used a lot of advanced science, all our years of wood experience, and some stock images to make this the best tool on the internet. Here's how we did it.

First we thought long and hard about the types of wood. What each of their characteristics are, what makes them unique. Thanks to our many many years of wood knowledge, this was easy for us. Then using a scientific method, we represented these differences with stock photos. These photos were selected for their ability to represent the idea that we wanted to represent. And also to look nice.

Then we embarked on a similar process, but this time the finish colors. Our years of wood experience was less useful this time, though time spent thinking about colors came through. After that we again used science. (any time you try something new, that science, right?) The science process brought us more images. These images could find someone's true feelings about color. Sometimes the images uncovered things people didn't even know about themselves.

Now it was time for testing. As people in our shop tried the test they got surprising results. They would get woods they didn't anticipate, proving the test could show you deeper parts of yourself. We were unable to get the woods we thought were our favorite, proving the test cannot be beaten. The test was truly perfect.

In all honesty, we think it's a fun test, and it's there to help you think about different woods. The point of the quiz was always to help people think about what wood was right. Not to tell you which one you need to have. And, you can get some more information about the wood you found, and wood in general. We hope it's a useful and fun tool, but I promise it's not perfect. 

If you really want great help figuring out which wood or finish is best for you, reach out to us, we'er happy to talk.

And try the quiz now!

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