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Ideas for Customizing your Solid Wood Dining Table

Ideas for Customizing your Solid Wood Dining Table

Do you want a table that is as unique as you are? Of course you do. How can you find one? Well, we happen to have worked on lots of tables. You can find them on our website or on our social media. Check it out here!

For example, do you have a long and wide room? You like to see everyone around the table but your room isn’t the right shape for a round table. A squoval table may be a good choice for your space then. This is a combination of a rectangle and an elliptical oval shape. They come together to make a shape with flat ends, which are comfortable to sit at, and long edges with a slight curve to them, allowing for eye contact all the way around this type of dining table. This shape is also amazing for conference room tables. 

Once you’ve figured out what shape, another consideration is the style of the table. Are you into more mid century tables? More modern tables? something more creative? I personally love a rainbow table. One style we’ve been loving lately is our como base. The como base is a fluted pedestal base that can be made in basically any shape. It has a more modern feel to it and can be made in a single base or in two legs. 

We could combine both the modern feel of the como base with a squoval table top for a unique dining table that will be sure to be the showstopper of your next dinner party. This squoval como table was made for a couple with a super unique space. They had been looking for a dining table for 3 years and luckily, they found us!

If you're curious to see how a table might fit into your dining room, or if you have any special requests, drop us a line or check out our site. We love getting creative and helping you make the perfect choice for your home. So, let's chat about your dream table today! 
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