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Crafting Your Dream Table: A Guide by Loewen Design Studios

Crafting Your Dream Table: A Guide by Loewen Design Studios

At Loewen Design Studios we truly believe in one thing, making the perfect furniture for you. We’ve decided to make everything to order so we can make sure that it can be just the way you need it, for your space. That’s why we’ve created the table design guide. It’s a step by step way to help make sure that you can get a table exactly the way you need it.

This is for anyone who is looking to buy a dining table. To help you figure out what type of table you need, but are not ready to chat with Ted. Those of us who use the self checkout not because it’s faster, but because then we don’t have to talk to another person. If you are looking to talk to someone we are happy to email or have a phone call with you. Click here to book a design call with Ted. Feel free to click the the chat in the bottom corner will put you in touch with us immediately. We are happy to help you design your perfect table. We’re all pretty good at this, we spend a lot more time thinking about dining tables than most people do.

This guide will walk you through how to figure out what size table you need, what shape is best for you, the styling that might be right for you, and then which base best suits your needs. It’s an easy way to start on your journey to your perfect table. There is also a handy worksheet to help you organize your thoughts and choices, and be ready to order your table. 

P.S. I promise, we’ll never send you an email unless we really think there’s something worth reading in it. We’re a group of honest people, real people, trying to make great tables. Not trying to annoy you with emails. We write them ourselves. We read them ourselves. You’ll always be talking to a person here. So let’s get started, see if we can make a table that’s perfect for your space.


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