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A Dining Table in a Banquette

At Loewen Design Studios we build stunning high quality hardwood tables. Where we really shine though is in helping people figure out the best dining table for them and then building their table to suit their needs.

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How Design Works

We love to talk to you about your dining table. We spend SO much time thinking about tables and table design and have tried lots of different ideas. We’re happy using this experience to help you design the table that works best for you.
We are happy to talk about your table whichever way works best for you! That can be email, text, phone call, video chat, or messenger pigeon. (you’ll have to supply the pigeon)

Email is great because then we can look back on details to make sure we get everything right. It also makes it easy for us to send you things like pictures, or 3D drawings and models of your design. You can even see the model right in your space with AR on your phone!
Phone and video calls are great too! They make it easier to talk through some of the finer points. They also make it quick and easy to understand some of the parts of table that can be a little bit complicated on email. It’s also nice to get to know each other a little bit. We like talking to you. You can book a design call on our contact page anytime!

A brand new email about a Dining Table


Ted on the Phone talking about a Dining Table

Phone Calls with Ted

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Custom 3D model of a dining table

A 3D Model


A common way to find the table that’s best for you is to start with an existing design and then adjust it to suit your needs. The galleries on our product pages show you some ideas of how previous customers have customized that particular design. They can be a good place to start. And if we know what your specific needs are we are happy to help think about how to modify the design you like for you.
An easy way to get the table that’s best for you is to start with an existing design and tweak it to meet your needs. Any of the tables you find on our website can be adjusted in many different ways to make them the best they can be for you. In fact, that’s how a lot of the designs on our website came to be!

And if your inspiration design is not one of ours, we’re happy to help with that too. Share your pics and we can work with you on how to modify it for you.


Do you have some ideas about what you want to build? Try out our table builder, that will let you design a table to meet your exact needs, and suit your style. It’ll let you choose each detail of the table as you go, to help you design your own table. If you aren’t sure about something, you can check the “My Options” section under learn. And as always, if you ever need help with anything, just let us know!


For those who want some help thinking through what they want in their table, we've designed a guide that will take you step by step through the process. You'll receive one email each day for 5 days walking you through what the next step is, how to do it, and why it's important. If you want to go faster, the first email also has a full PDF with all the steps, so you can skip ahead. Our guide is a great place to start for those who prefer to start on their own.