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The Revelstoke



you don't have guests over all the time

you don't have guests over all the time


you do have guests over some of the time


you do have guests over some of the time

the parson base includes an inset skirt

with an elegant skirt

wood corner post legs create flexible seating

and a parsons base

This table can fit so many different needs

We believe it's all about the details. So we made sure to get them right.

the wood.

always hardwood, this table is made from solid walnut. walnut is known for it's rich brown, red, and orange tones, a warm and inviting look. as walnut ages the wood gets darker, with the youngest wood near the edge of the tree a beautiful blonde. it leaves a wood full of character

the grain.

walnut has a distinct grain, it's complex and full of character. on a table that extends from the middle the grain runs across the table, as opposed to along the table. this is to help keep the extensions strong while allowing them to match the rest of the top.

the skirt.

with the grain running across the table top, it's useful to have a skirt with the grain running along the table to hold everything in place. and for every bit of function it brings just as much style. the skirt adds to the thickness of the table, and as it too is made of walnut, pulls the look together.

the extensions.

these are usually 12 inch extensions adding enough space for one extra setting on each side. they have a skirt to match the table top, they have pegs to ensure they line up perfectly, you can add however many leaves are right for you. and if you want a bigger extension, or more of them, send us a message

the legs.

solid walnut parsons style post legs. is there any more to say? they'll support whatever weight you have to send their way, they come with adjustable feet to ensure you can easily level them on whatever ground you find yourself on today or in the future, and they'll match the table perfectly.

the events.

its a table designed for having friends over, family over, for games nights, pizza nights, brunches and feasts. its a table to be enjoyed with people, and its a table where no matter how many people are there, its the right number of people. 


-Erin from Ontario

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the table! We LOVE it. It looks incredible in the space and we know we are going to make great use of it for years to come.

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customer photo of a extending parson table in their home

We're Loewen Design Studios

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We build them from solid wood, so they're built to last. It's worth getting it right.

Revelstoke on Parson Base - Loewen Design Studios
Revelstoke on Parson Base - Loewen Design Studios

Revelstoke on Parson Base

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