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Squoval Table


Quick Points

  • A mix between an Elliptical Oval and a Rectangle
  • Conversation can flow well even with 3+ people to a side
  • Good for seating a large number of people

What sorts of spaces Squovals are good for?

A squoval table is rectangular in shape with curved sides.  They work well in spaces that are longer than they are wide.

How the curve affects table use?

The curved sides make it easier for people to see each other around the table.  This design is particularly useful when there are 3 or more people on a side.

How they compare to ovals?

Both squovals and ovals have curved sides that make it easier for people at the table to see each other which helps conversation flow.  Squovals though have squared off ends that makes it easy to seat someone at the ends. Ovals, by contrast, continue the curved shape around the ends of the table for a very pleasing shape.  

How they compare to rectangles?

As noted above, squovals and rectangles both fit well into spaces that are longer than they are wide.  The difference between them though is that a rectangle dining table has straight sides while a squoval has curved sides.


Squoval TableSquoval Table

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