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Blackened Walnut

walnut blackened swatch

Quick Points

  • Walnut is a beautiful hardwood that has wonderful dark coloring, with rich warm tones and unique grain.
  • The Blackened finish we only offer on Walnut. iI darkens the wood, while still showing off the variation in the walnut. It also mutes the warm tones of walnut, to more black tones.

Tell me about Walnut Wood

Walnut is a hardwood which means that it won’t easily be scratched in regular use.  It is a popular choice because of its warm rich tones and unique grain.

Tell me about the Blackened Finish

Our Blackened finish is a black oil designed to highlight the rich dark tones in the walnut.  


walnut parsons table with blackened finishwalnut dining table with blackened finishwalnut extendable table with blackened finishwalnut live edge table with blackened finish

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