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Bidwell Steel Table Base

Quick Points

  • Pedestal base with an X on the floor

  • Varying size bases depending on the size of the table

  • Steel tubing to have strength and lighter weight

  • Available in black

  • Adjustable feet set into the bottom

  • Available for dining, counter, and bar height

  • The pedestal stays in the center of the table making it easy to tuck chairs in and sit

More Information

What is it?

A bidwell base is a pedestal style base made up of a center post that sits on a cross (or X) on the floor. It is made from steel tube which provides strength without adding undue weight.  It comes with adjustable feet to help level the table. It is available in black.

Are they different sizes?

The bidwell base is available for dining height table, counter height tables and bar height tables.  There are also several different sizes of bases available to suit a variety of table sizes.

How does it work with seating?

The bidwell is a simple classic design. As a pedestal base, it is easy to slide chairs in and you have a high degree of flexibility on where you seat people around the table.



black bidwell base under an oval dining tableblack bidwell base under a round oak tablebidwell base under a square walnut table2 bidwell bases under an oval walnut table 

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