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Caring For Your Custom Wood Table

Caring For Your Custom Wood Table

Caring for your wood table is generally pretty easy,

Use a trivet, or something similar to protect your wood table from heat, and don’t put a hot pot or pan directly onto the wood table. It is solid wood after all, and while it won’t catch fire, it doesn’t like the heat.

We also recommend a coaster, though if you forget this one, you’ll be okay. Again, if it’s a hot drink try to get something under it, but if it’s cold and you’re worried about water rings it’s never a bad idea to use a coaster. However, as long as you wipe the water away quickly, your wood table can handle it.

If you get a spill on your wood dining table, wipe it up. Everything can be wiped with water while giving it a little scrub. Once you're done cleaning, it is recommended to wipe up the water until the surface of your wood table feels dry. If it’s a bit of a tough mess, we suggest Rubio Surface Cleaner. It’s a soap specifically designed for this wood finish, and we’re confident it’ll treat it well. Just a couple little sprays and wipe your wood dining table down. 

If you get a scratch on your wood table it can be fixed, though some scratches are easier to remedy than others. If you’re venturing down that path with your wood table, reach out to us before you start fixing it and we’ll help you through it. 

If you have any more questions, or are looking to create your custom wood dining table, reach out to us here on our website. We’re always happy to help!


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