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At Loewen Design Studios we offer a variety of table shapes including our newest shape that we call a squoval. It’s a combination of a square and an oval. Maybe more of a rectangle and an oval depending on the size 

The combination is to take advantage of the best parts of both tables. Rectangles are great at using space well. They're very good for fitting a lot of people around your table and serving dishes on your table as well. The oval is best for conversation and seeing everyone around the table. So the squoval has the straight ends of a rectangle to give lots of space, and the long edges mirror an oval with a curve making it a perfect combination of the two.

This allows the table to still have all the room needed for people to sit around it, but lets all the people see each other well. 


Squovals are best for slightly larger tables. They are wonderful for tables that seat 3 or more along the long edge so they can all comfortably see each other while sitting at the table. With a standard rectangular table this can be difficult as the person in the middle would be in the way. The curved long edge that defines the squoval table shape is what makes this so special. It makes conversation more comfortable at the table for everyone. People don’t naturally make squares and rectangles when we talk; a squoval lets everyone chat comfortably.


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