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Determining Your Dining Table Height

Determining Your Dining Table Height

How tall should my dining table be?

28-30 inches.

OR 36 inches.

OR 42 inches.

So I suppose it depends.

Most dining tables are at dining height. A typical dining table height is 28-30 inches. This is for a standard dining height table, with chairs about 10-12 inches shorter than the dining table top. 

All your chairs should be about 10-12 inches shorter than your dining table top, regardless of height.

Tables are also available at 36 inches, often referred to as a counter height table. It’s a great height for stools, and can be used while standing, much like a counter can.

We also make tables 42” tall, otherwise known as a bar height table, which needs taller stools, and can easily be accessed while standing.

For most situations dining table height is the way to go. They’re the classic because they work and they offer a nice setting for sitting down to a meal. At dining table height, you can easily enjoy an intimate environment where you can talk and hang out together while eating. 

A counter height table or bar height table are closer to standing height, it’s easier to approach them, but also easier to leave them. They can create a more casual environment, and can be more flexible. 

So, the height of your dining table depends a bit on how you hope to use it. If you want to have big sit down dinners with the whole family then dining table height is the perfect option. However, if you want a place for simple gatherings and easier coming and going, a counter height table or even a bar height table might be right for you. Either way, it’s important to make sure you have the right size chairs or stools to match your table height.

If you want any help figuring out what kind of table is right for you, please reach out to us! Ted or Sharon from our team will be happy to help you out. You can start a live chat with us using the chat window in the bottom right or click on the reach out tab in the header to connect with us.

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