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Why You Should Consider A Wood End Extension Table?

Why You Should Consider A Wood End Extension Table?

There are lots of reasons for extension tables. Perhaps over the holidays you need an extra few seats at your dining table. Or, when it’s your turn to have all your friends over it would be nice to have a little extra elbow room. It could even be that you just like the way it looks, or possibly, you want to play 3 games of bridge at the same time.

End table extensions are one of the 2 sorts of table extensions that we offer at Loewen Design Studios. There are 3 important factors about end extension tables.

1. The table extensions are added at the end

I’m sure this sounds like an obvious thing on an end extension table, but where this matters is how you use your wood table. One thing this means is that if only one extension is added, the table is off center. It also means that adding a table extension doesn't dramatically affect the table, as the table doesn’t need to move. This means you can add an extension in quickly after the table is already set if a couple extra people show up.

2. The table extensions can be added by a single person

This is actually just about as clear as it gets. You can do it yourself, it’s quite easy to do, and can be completed in just 4 steps.

1. Open the drawer.
2. Put in the table extension.
3. Close the drawer.
4. Admire the newly extended table.

All in all, these are very easy to install.

3. The table is basically a regular wood table when it’s not extended

Unextended, it’s just a wood table with a skirt. The grain of an end extension table runs along the length of the table, just like a regular wood table. Important to note, however, is that the extensions have the grain run the other direction, across the width of the wood table. This is necessary so everything can stay strong and fit together as well as possible for the long term.

Overall, this means that the wood table is just like any other when you don’t have it extended, but on the occasion you need it, the table extension can be added making the table itself longer.

Why End Extension Instead of Center?

End extension tables are an excellent extension table if you don’t plan to use the extensions very often, or if you like the breadboard look that comes with them. Also, they are excellent if you’ll often need to operate the table extension mechanism on your own. However, end extension tables are best with both table extensions in, whereas center extension tables can function better with a single extension. End extension tables are available as rectangle or square tables, with bevel or square edges. To see all our available end extension dining tables click here!

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