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Getting a Table in Time for the Holidays

Getting a Table in Time for the Holidays

At Loewen Design Studios we build tables. Custom tables and tables made to order. We do this to allow people to get tables that are perfect for them. It does mean that when you place your order your table hasn't been built yet, so the question is:
How long will it take to get my table?
Now we have some other blogs on this, but in general we can have it built in 4-6 weeks. How long it takes to get all the way to you depends on a couple of things.
How complex is your table?
There are a couple specific things that slow down the process because we need some outside help with them. A Sarita edge, for instance, we do with a CNC machine. This isn't a factor on most of our tables, but if you're worried about it, reach out to us.
How far away are you?
The farther away the more time it takes to travel. West Coast is usually about a week longer than the East Coast. The closer you are to a major city should help too.
Do you want white glove?
White glove delivery is a wonderful process where your table will be set up for you. You won't have to carry anything inside, or take away garbage from packaging. It does take a bit of extra time though. If you're in a hurry and able, I would suggest not doing White Glove, but if you have the time, it's a great option.
With some holidays coming up, we thought it might be useful to share some timelines for shipping. To get a table in time for any big parties you might be throwing, these are some of our suggestions. Again, some of this can vary based on the above factors as well as other ones we don't know about. If you want to be the most sure you'll have a table on time, reach out to us and let's see what we can do!
For Thanksgiving on the 23rd of November, you'll want to skip the white glove, and order pretty much right now. (when I'm posting this, I'm not sure when you're reading it.) Depending where you are I won't promise anything. If you are hoping for it before Thanksgiving, please reach out before you order.
For the holidays shipping can get a little busy, and so we've found that things can be a little slower than usual. Though we're told white glove might be a little faster. Most important is to know that things aren't as reliable right at the holidays, so if you can, order early. That being said, we'd suggest if you're ordering something White Glove to order by the end of the month if you can. If you don't need white glove then it can be a little later. If you need the most we can expedite something is going to be 5-6 weeks to get it to you. Less if we're lucky, but that's about as fast as we can go.
White glove is only available in some areas, and time lines vary based on where you are. If you want to be sure of timelines, you can always just ask. You'll get a real person, and we're all happy to answer your questions.
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