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How careful do I need to be with my table?

How careful do I need to be with my table?

Hi, so this is a really important question, and the answer depends a little on the table and on how particular you are.

Today I'm not going to go into any of those details, because it's October, which means it's almost halloween. So Jordine and I are going to carve a pumpkin.

Here's how it went.

For those of you who are especially fond of reading, I'll write it all out too.

We carved a pumpkin on a Walnut dining table, as that's the softest wood we use we thought it would be a good test. We didn't even use any newsprint or table cloth to protect the table. We scooped all the guts right onto the table. Basically, we didn't follow any of the pumpkin carving protocols my parents had when I was growing up. We made a big mess. Then we cleaned it up, wiping up the pumpkin with paper towel. Then we got a wet paper towel and wiped the table, then a damp rag with some dish soap, and then dried it a little. At the end of all that, the table looked exactly how it started. Except with a pumpkin on top. And what was the carving? A table with a pumpkin on top.

We build tables to fit into your life. Not tables you have to fit your life around.

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