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Parsons Table Bases: 4 Styles To Choose From

Parsons Table Bases: 4 Styles To Choose From

A Parsons Style table base is a classic base, we have 4 different types of parsons that we offer. 


The first is the Parker. This is an absolute classic look, that will be with you for a very long time to come. It's a solid base, with a wonderful home-y feel. If you’re looking for a great table for a new family this is a wonderful option. It’s solid, stable, build to last, and will never go out of style. This is the base in this Biscayne Collection.


The second is Milford. This is a modern take on that same classic design. With turned legs that taper down as they come to the ground, this is a midcentury design that fits into many homes. This table design will also last long into the future, it’s the base found on the Pinette Collection.


The third is Estling. This base has an exposed top to the leg, coming up right through the table top to be visible at all times. The legs for this style are right in the corners of the table, a little further out than the Parker or Milford. This gives even slightly more space under the table. This style is ever so slightly less strong than the Parker as the legs don’t come under the table, so the hardware must hold the weight of the table, which it is certainly able to do. This style is featured in our Beaumont Collection.


The fourth and final is the Picard base, which is very similar to the Parker, except the Picard is built from steel, not the wood to match the table. This will also have all the strength of the Parsons style, with the style of the steel, and can be built in any of our 8 steel colors. With the legs in the corner the color is especially vibrant. 

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