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The Advantages of a Round Extension Table

The Advantages of a Round Extension Table

Here at Loewen Design Studios we love round tables. They are the perfect space to have a cup of coffee with some friends or an intimate family dinner. Since the table is round you can see every single person equally which makes it perfect for a lively dinner conversation.

expandable round dining table in natural oak on split pedestal base

The one problem with a round table is that it's inefficient with space. You need a bigger room to fit the wood table. A circular table needs to be very big to seat large groups of 8+ people. The round table would need to be 60” around which not a lot of dining rooms can accommodate. A round extension table helps solve that problem. This type of wood table turns into a racetrack shape table when extended. 

What is a Center Extension Table?

Center Extension tables add more space from the middle of the table. The wood table is split in the middle and can be pulled apart and more leaves added in.

What is a Racetrack Shaped Table?

expandable round dining table in natural oak on split pedestal base

Racetrack Oval shaped tables are basically a combination of a circle and a rectangle, with both ends rounded and straight sides. These oval tables fit into the same spaces as rectangles do, but the rounded corners offer a bit more ease of movement around the room. If you have a long dining room we would recommend getting a racetrack wood dining table. 

A wood round extension table is the perfect compromise. You can have a circular table that is smaller for the day to day. This is perfect for your family dinners or doing a puzzle. When you need more space for extended family visiting you can add one or two leaves which can be 12” - 36” each of space and turn your table into a beautiful racetrack oval table. 

When it comes to comfort and conversation, you get the best of both worlds with a round extension table. Interested in learning more about our round extension table options? Contact our team today to begin customizing your wood dining table. 

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