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The Best Legs and Bases for Rectangular Wood Tables

The Best Legs and Bases for Rectangular Wood Tables

When it comes to choosing a base for your rectangular dining table, there are a variety of options to consider. The base you choose can impact the overall style and functionality of your table, so it's important to choose wisely. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best bases for a rectangular table and what factors to consider when choosing the right base for your space.

Parker Base

A Parker base on a rectangle table makes a classic parsons table. This is a standard for dining room tables over time and is the table that I grew up with. This Parsons style is also seen in our Milford and Estling bases.

Estling Base 

The Estling Base is another version of parsons style legs. These ones go through the table, offering a more unique take on the classic parsons style table and can be customized with a laser engraving on the top of the leg.

Milford Base 

The Milford Base is a mid century modern take on the classic parsons style. They offer a slimmed look on the classic parsons legs. 

Atlin Legs 

Are our steel angle legs. They are available in a variety of colors of powder coated steel. These are great for a rectangular table because they offer lots of room for legs under the table and are very sturdy. They are also thinner from the end than the side which matches the style of the rectangle well.

Tuttle Legs

These legs are great for a rectangle table as they offer lots of legroom under the table. You can basically fit any chairs under the table top. They have a unique shape which makes them subtle but yet unique in your space. They are also steel and available in any color!

Zionz Legs 

These are a statement set of steel legs. The shape resembles both 2 Zs and 2 Ys at the same time. They leave lots of room for chairs to be tucked in and offer a unique style. These legs are also available in 8 colors!

Panuke Trestle 

This is great for large rectangle tables. They really show the beauty in the wood as they are slabs themselves. This is only recommended for large rectangular tables as otherwise you will have trouble fitting chairs at the ends.

When choosing a base for your rectangular table, it's important to consider the style of your space as well as the size of your table. If you have a large table, you will want to choose a base that offers excellent stability. Additionally, consider the material of the base and how it will coordinate with the rest of your decor. Steel can offer a wonderful 2 tone look, while a wood base will match perfectly for a timeless look.

These are my favorite bases for a rectangular dining table, but at Loewen Design Studios we have many options for dining table legs, and they are all perfect for different situations. When choosing a base for your table, consider the size and style of your space, as well as the material of the base. With the right base, you can create a beautiful and functional dining space that reflects your personal style.


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