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The Timeless Classic, White Washed Dining Tables

The Timeless Classic, White Washed Dining Tables

While white tables are currently on trend, the reality is that they are timeless. A white table fits equally well in coastal, farmhouse, and contemporary style settings. Whether it’s a white stain or a whitewash finish on the table, the final result is a piece that is rustic and elegant. Let’s explore why white tables continue to be a popular choice.

Versitility in Style 

As already stated, whitewashed tables work well in various design styles. Whether your home has a coastal vibe, embraces a farmhouse aesthetic, or leans into a more contemporary look, a whitewashed table can seamlessly blend in. The light and airy feel of a white finish is perfect for coastal and beach-themed interiors, making us think of sun-bleached driftwood and sandy beaches. At the same time, a whitewashed table combines with rustic and vintage accents to create a country farmhouse feel.

Enhancing Natural Light 

Another reason many people choose a white table is that they help to brighten up a space. The white finish reflects the light, especially natural light, to make a room feel more spacious and open. Whether placed in a small dining area or used as a centerpiece in a larger room, the whitewashed table acts as a focal point, drawing the eye to its brightness. 

Rubio White 

white ash racetrack pedestal table

We choose to finish our tables with Rubio Monocoat. It is an oil that actually bonds with the wood fibers instead of just sitting on top of the wood. If you want to know more about Rubio finishes generally, we’ve written about that here. Today we’re talking specifically about the white finish. We like that it whitens the whole table, including the grain. It isn’t a paint that would cause you to lose the grain but it’s also more than just a white sheen on the wood. The finish is durable while also celebrating that the table is real solid wood. 

A white table is a great long term investment. Besides being elegant and timeless, their ability to effortlessly blend with various design styles, enhance natural light, and provide a touch of rustic charm makes them a favorite choice for homeowners and interior designers. They give you a high degree of flexibility as your tastes change over time. They are solid building blocks to work with as you design your space.  

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