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The New Loewen Design Studio

The New Loewen Design Studio

At Loewen Design Studios we're very committed to making sure you get the best dining table for you. That means that we need to have good space to not only make your table, but design it too. In the last couple months we've reimagined our design space to make this process quick and easy. Here's a tour of our space.

First we've made sure we have a nice big table. We went with a rustic maple table as it holds up so well to use, and it was a nice contrast from the other tables in our office. This table gives us lots of space to lay out notes, drawings, or anything else we need to design your furniture. It's also an extension table, but that usually only matters when we all get together for lunch.

At the end of the space we have all our standard color samples hanging on the wall. This makes it easy to see and compare finishes across many different woods. We also have smaller samples of each color on even more types of wood so we can see just about any finish we may need. This makes it quick and easy to help make sure you get the best finish for your table.

Right in front of the wall of samples we have a standing desk. This is our favourite spot to do design calls, as it gives us all the tools at our fingertips. As a lift desk, it also provides an opportunity for us to stand, or sit, depending on what we need in that moment. Next to the desk we have a couple of whiteboards. These are so useful when we're collaborating with each other to keep track of details. These boards are almost always full with something. 

We also have a laser engraver we use for samples and a 3D printer to help us with some models. The printer has actually helped us create a number of miniature tables to see how many people can sit at a table. 

This is our design studio, hope you liked the tour, we're very fond of our space.

If you're looking to get a table built just right for you, why don't you book some time to join us in our design studio.

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