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What is an Accent Table and How is it Different then Other Table Types.

What is an Accent Table and How is it Different then Other Table Types.

Everyone knows what a dining table is. Everyone knows what a coffee table is. But what about the rest of the tables? Sometimes they're called end tables, sometimes console tables, hall tables, or accent tables. Accent tables can be a bit of a catch all sometimes. But what are they actually?

So first off, calling something an accent table when you don't know what else to call it is fine. Use whichever words feel best to you. As long as you can communicate what you mean, you're using words perfectly.

That being said, generally, any accent furniture is primarily for design purposes. So then an accent table would be a pretty table that isn't particularly useful. They're often smaller tables, with more interesting designs. They can be good places to put down a drink at a party, or your keys when you get home, or a vase of flowers.

Hall tables or console tables are usually a little taller. Console tables can often go right behind a couch. These tables are a little more useful. Hall and console tables are multipurpose surfaces in places you need those. They're usually long and narrow. End tables have similar purposes, but they're usually shorter and square. 

Personally I think everything can be called an accent table. Every table should be an important part of the design aesthetic of the room. I also think every table should serve some purpose. Even if it's for keys or a vase or just to look pretty. Every table in your space should fit your space in every way. Once you have the right table in your space it should feel like the space couldn't have worked without it.

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