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What does Live Edge Mean? | Loewen Design Studios

What does Live Edge Mean?

Here at Loewen Design Studios we make our tables from hard wood of different varieties. We build Walnut, Ash, and Maple tables. Any of these tables can be built with a live edge. 

What a live edge means is that when the lumber was milled for your table, the natural edge of the tree was left on the planks, instead of being finished to a specific edge.

Live edge is always unique since no two trees are the same. Your table will be one of a kind!

While trees naturally grow to be fairly straight, they have different bumps from where branches used to be, or from that time a squirrel thought it would be a good home, or if the tree had to fight to find the sun. When trees grow they naturally have character and variety. Every wooden table maintains that character through the wood itself, but a live edge table allows it to shine even a bit extra with the natural character of the edge.

Live edge is always unique since no tree is the same. Your table will be one of a kind! We build our tables from multiple planks. (Click the button below for more info) This helps allow for some consistency of the size and shape of the table, while still letting that unique natural edge shine proudly. Each Live Edge piece will be different; it will have knots and grain and the shape of the wood.

Some other words for live edge are natural edge or raw edge!

It's more challenging to create a live edge table and it's more unique.. Our tables have well sanded edges, we won’t change the shape of the tree, but want to remove any little snags or rough patches. If we need to add a little epoxy or sand it down, we can always get a soft smooth edge while maintaining the natural beauty that is a live edge.. It gives a nice clean modern look to a timeless table


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